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Welcome to "BodieZ by J"

This is your one-stop-shop! BodieZ By J has everything you need to get started, keep motivated, and see you all the way to your goals. Here at BBJ we offer 1-on-1 in-person training at Boulevard Fitness in San Diego, CA., an extremely affordable DIY online training system to get you started, or an in-depth online coach that speaks with you personally and designs a "client goal specific" nutrition and training routine (Apple and Android App Included).

3 Tiers of BodieZ By J

❌FIRST TIER: This is 1-on-1 or group training at my gym, Boulevard Fitness. This is usually for locals or people visiting San Diego, CA. ❌SECOND TIER: A DIY personal training system I developed with new workouts daily, 80+ Instructional videos, 5 meal plans to choose from, and much more. This is a program for people who want to make a life change, but don’t know where to start or those who can't afford in-person. ❌THIRD TIER: A fully encompassing online trainer. I provide YOUR specific calorie count, daily macros, detailed workouts with rep ranges, rest time, and sets. We track each workout through your OWN personal app (Android & Apple), we check in weekly, and speak frequently.


What My Subscribers are Saying!

I’ve had personal trainers in the past and assumed Justin would be just like them; however, I was mistaken. Justin is far above and beyond the norm. During the time I’ve worked with him, I have increased my strength and a perpetually sore shoulder has healed. My aesthetics have improved, and people have noticed that I’m looking better than ever.

Ed. G. - Lawyer

I look forward to the workouts because of Justin's unique style and intoxicating energy. Working with preschoolers all day had me exhausted and I needed as much stamina and energy as possible and since working out with Justin I swear I have 3 times as much. I'm getting so much stronger and physically fit that I now have more energy to do so many other things.

Janet S. - Preschool Teacher

I've been working with Justin for a long time. Hands down this guy is the best at this. Everything from a meal prep, to a workout plan for you and your spouse, but most importantly getting you to understand what you're doing and why beyond the "losing weight and building muscle aspect" is an extremely meticulous/well thought out process made simple.

Carlos I. - Recording Artist

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"BodieZ By J" is now available on any web browser; Phones, MACs, PCs, and anywhere you can stream media, such as Chromecast, and Air Play. "BodieZ by J" will soon be available on iOS and Android devices in the app store.

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