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I was born in Philadelphia, PA. and joined the Marines following high school. I served my country honorably for 8 years with a total of 4 combat tours in 3 different combat zones, but after 8 years and several close calls, I handed in my combat boots for schoolbooks.

My time in the service was where my thirst and love for physical fitness emerged. In the Marines, our lives literally depended on our physical fitness and if my Marines were not in the best possible shape, they could put their lives and everyone else’s lives in danger.

When I left the Marines, I moved to Orange County, CA., and earned my B.S. w/ Honors in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Orange County. I loved my profession as a graphic artist, but knew I needed to do something related to fitness to truly be happy...and that is why BODIEZ BY J was developed.

I moved to San Diego, CA. in 2016 and became a private coach/trainer at Boulevard Fitness and currently take “By Application” clients only.

I started bodybuilding in 2012 in the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion), but now have switched organizations to compete as an NPC Physique Competitor, which has expanded my knowledge base immensely in both organizations.

The BODIEZ BY J Program has evolved incredibly in the past 5 years due to a higher online need for coaching. This is where my online coaching program was born and refined to perfection!​

The gym is nothing new! Dieting and training are nothing new! What's new is that my program, teaches, creates a safe and fun environment both in-person and online, and build clients into team.

Justin Cox - Owner/Founder of BodieZ By J

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