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  • Tired of fad diets, cookie-cutter programs, and expensive food apps? Work directly with me and take control of your nutrition. 

  • Get the RESULTS you want, while learning how to maintain it for life.

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-Custom Nutrition Guide to fit your goal and lifestyle

-Detailed food guide and grocery list

-Video or phone consultation

-Private Instant Message Communication

-Weekly Check-ins

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How Does BodieZ by J Nutrition Work?

  • Firstly, fill out an application to be evaluated for a spot as an Exclusive BodieZ By J Nutrition Client. If accepted, you will be contacted with a payment link, questionnaire, and waiver to begin.

  • After you submit your questionnaire about your goals, lifestyle, dietary habits, fitness regimen, physique, previous success, or failures, I will formulate a Nutrition Program designed specifically to you and your lifestyle.

  • Receive access to BodieZ By J and Evolution Nutrition where you can message me directly, track your food, print shopping lists, and make the correct food substitutions to give you more freedom. 

  • Receive your personalized plan and get started! I will deliver a personalized consultation packet detailing your plan of action and explaining all habits/lifestyle changes that should be implemented to achieve long-term success. We will utilize weekly check-ins to give feedback, support, evaluate your progress, and keep tabs on your biofeedback markers like sleep, stress, and energy levels to make any adjustments to your program as needed.

Nutrition coaching is a subscription service starting at $200 per month. A minimum of 3 months is required.

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You can also pair Nutrition with the Full BodieZ By J Program.

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